When I was a kid, I loved math.  I used to play math games for fun.  As I pursued mathematics in high school and college, I realized it is the basis of life.  It is learning how to think logically and is the basic component of everything we use in daily life.  I hope this site will expose you to mathematics and much more.  STEM is the wave of the future and I want all of you to SUCCEED!


Michelle was a mathematics major at Bronx HS of Science and Northeastern University.  She has 30 years experience in Information Technology and Education.  She owns Massie Services, LLC (an IT consulting firm) and is an inventor and entrepreneur.

Michelle Massie
It is my pleasure to announce that I have been selected to be a part of the Bronx Science Alumni Association Mentoring Program. We will be planning educational events for current students as well as alumni. I will keep you posted on what we are doing and hope to get many of you involved. I look forward to influencing the next generation and learning from them, as well.

Dr. Sheryl T. Smikle

Today, our children need to be able to read, understand and apply concepts from science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Rocket Science?  Not really. Just as our children learn how to read, they can and should learn how to read and understand concepts in the STEM fields. Understanding numbers and how they work, natural phenomena such as photosynthesis, how a plane stays up in the air in spite of its weight, and what makes a computer terminal smart or dumb prepares children for a world that is not only brave and new but also global, competitive, and constantly changing

Dr. Smikle completed her undergraduate and graduates studies at Vassar and Hunter Colleges and Fordham University's Graduate School of Education (GSE).  Ms. Smikle has a PhD in Language, Literacy and Learning from the latter.  Dr. Smikle has alternated between the financial services industry and higher education as a compliance training executive and faculty administrator respectively for the past 25 years.



I have always been a creative person and love to envision and implement new ideas using technology.  Luis has been a Creative Director for over 10 years. 


Luis attended Brooklyn College and is responsible for the creation of this website and the timely development and execution of online marketing and advertising campaigns. He is responsible for hiring and recruiting personnel for design projects.

Luis Joglar

 Creative Director






John Moore 



John is the Executive Director for STEPS, Albuquerque's Entrepreneur Resource Team. John's position and responsibility is to deliver Fast Track business development solutions to entrepreneurs. STEPS is a not-for-profit enterprise offering No Charge, one-on-one confidential professional advice and consultation. STEPS is the evangelist and a leader in the New Mexico mobile street food industry.

Karen Kinsman


As Director of the UNM STEM-H Center for Outreach, Research, & Education, I manage the Central NM Science & Engineering Research Challenge and Central NM Science Olympiad as well as provide STEM-H Educator Professional Development Workshops/Resources and Student Research Workshops upper elementary/middle/high school teachers & students. The STEM-H CORE is also home to the UNM STEM-H Resource Center, provides consultation for faculty researchers in the development of STEM-H outreach activities for large research grant proposals, works on STEM-H education related stated/federal policy & advocacy, and facilitates the development of internal/external STEM-H related partnerships and collaborations.